It’s all about you. You’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge and find your dream kitchen or bedroom. Whether you’re absolutely certain of what you want down to the size, shape and colour of the cupboards, or you haven’t got a clue where to begin, you’re in safe hands.



All of our services are free from obligation and tailored to your every need, whether you wish to book an in store consultation bringing your ideas or send them via email working remotely with a member of our expert design team.

Here at KB For DIY, we aim to be as transparent as possible by guiding our customers through each stage of the planning and designing process. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their kitchen and bedroom design and that’s why we go through every detail.


Planning & Design

To transform your ideas for your kitchen into a tangible design, our experts use CAD to design and visualise your ideas. During this stage, you can start to see how your kitchen or bedroom will shape up and you will be able to see your design from all angles before the production.

During the process, we will carefully consider what materials to use, what furnishings would complement your ideas, the overall interior décor, and many more important details. We have a variety of high-quality materials for you to choose from and our designers can help recommend what would look best with your kitchen ideas.

All details regarding your design will be provided and no details will be left unaccounted for, even down to the colour of your cutlery tray!

We are very flexible with our designs and we will always fit your  design to your budget. Our 'best price first time' pricing policy gives our customers the confidence to purchase our high-quality products at value for money.

Requesting a sample will allow you to get a preview of what you will be receiving soon, this will be reimbursed once you decide to purchase the fitted kitchen or bedroom.

Samples are available to purchase on request, and will be reimbursed on the purchase of your kitchen or bedroom.



We make your decision to buy a supply only kitchen easy through our knowledge and expertise in design, manufacture and delivering kitchens and bedrooms of quality. Accuracy, precision, and attention to detail is the key to developing a luxurious fitted kitchen that meets all of our customer’s needs.

With years of experience and knowledge in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality kitchens and bedrooms, we know how important it is to deliver the perfect fitted kitchen or bedroom the first time.

Please check all dimensions, services, and logistical requirements before we place your order into manufacture; all of our products are made exactly to your requirements creating a piece of beauty.


Measurement Checklist

• Dimensions of all walls
• Ceiling height and variations in a ceiling and floor levels
• Width, height of windows including frame and still height from floor
• Width of doors, including frames
• Radiator dimensions, including height from floor
• Location of boiler inc. height from floor and top and bottom of boiler
• Location of gas / electric meter and dimensions
• Water supply and stop tap locations
• Gas point location
• Electric points or switches
• Waste drainage
• Boxes water pipes from floor to ceiling


Quality Control

We are very confident in the quality of our kitchens, bedrooms and accessories which is why you will receive a 5-year warranty on all cabinets and doors, once your kitchen is installed. Your hinges and draw boxes come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our high level of customer service, builds improved trust and confidence enabling our customers to feel secure with their kitchen or bedroom purchase from start to finish.

“Quite often, estimates may seem to differ, and you may be tempted to make a decision on cost alone. We have found in this scenario that it is usually the case that your attention is being distracted from what you are actually getting for your money. May we therefore suggest that you discuss your project with us further before placing your order elsewhere.”

- Bryn Davies (Chairman)

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Bring the best of DIY kitchens in the UK into your home with a stylish kitchen design created by our award-winning team. Here at Kitchens for DIY, you can buy luxury kitchens at affordable prices that suit your exact requirements, style and budget.

Discover our range of off-the shelf kitchens below and order the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can visit our showrooms in Merry Hill or Solihull. 

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