Clever DIY kitchen ideas for smaller kitchens

Small kitchens can be made to look bigger with a few tips and tricks.

Whether you are looking for a completely new kitchen or want to upgrade your current one, our DIY kitchens can be perfect for you. Our kitchen suppliers detail some clever tips and tricks that can enhance the appearance of smaller sized rooms.  

Colour schemes

It can sometimes be best to consider lighter tones and shades for your kitchen design to give a bright and open aesthetic as opposed to a dark and compact one. Opting for a white colour scheme allows you to nicely add flares of any colour in different parts of the room. White naturally reflects light in the room, eliminating the chance of it feeling dull and unwelcoming, don’t feel limited to choosing white though, other pale tones can also give this illusion.

Our range of DIY kitchens are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, so you can discover which one suits your home best.

Kitchen storage ideas

If you are attempting to open up the room and steer clear of it looking on the smaller side, clever kitchen storage is an extremely beneficial way of achieving this. Modern-day storage doesn’t have to look boring and bulky, it can be incorporated into stylish kitchen designs and hidden or showcased how you want it.

Our DIY kitchens can be designed with impressive storage techniques such as a built-in pantry, deep layered cupboards, under the counter storage and much more. This can significantly improve the aesthetic of your kitchen and save a huge amount of space in your new kitchen. Work with our kitchen suppliers in the Midlands to establish what storage ideas will work best for you and your lifestyle, combining style and practicality in your DIY kitchen ideas.

Keeping kitchen worktops clean can create a decluttered and open appearance, so having a home for everything can make your small kitchen look bigger.

Modern technology

Whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional kitchen range, impressive technology can take away the perception of it being a smaller room. Stand-out features can be the statement in your new kitchen and leave guests noticing them immediately and not thinking about the size of the kitchen. Features like built-in ovens or worktop hobs can instantly present as sleek and stylish vibes in your new kitchen and can upgrade a room massively. Again, you can save heaps of storage by removing bulky ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and other technological items, as you can opt for a slimline or fitted option.

Bright lighting

As mentioned previously, a well-lit and bright kitchen can naturally make a kitchen look bigger and better. Planning sufficient lighting into your DIY kitchen ideas can be an amazing addition to your kitchen design and make a greater impact than you may have thought.

You should add standard ceiling lighting but if you want to go a bit further, you can install lights under cabinets and over your worktops. This DIY kitchen idea is a very simple way of making your kitchen illuminated and appearing bigger than it actually is.

Our DIY kitchen suppliers

If you are looking for quality kitchens and a reputable kitchens company to work with, Kitchens and Bedrooms for DIY is the perfect partner. Whether you are installing a kitchen yourself and just need the right range for the project, or you are an expert in the industry and provide your clients with beautiful new kitchens, we’ve got the products and expertise for you.

Get in touch with our specialists or visit one of our kitchen showrooms to discover how we can work with you.

Our Ranges

Bring the best of DIY kitchens in the UK into your home with a stylish kitchen design created by our award-winning team. Here at Kitchens for DIY, you can buy luxury kitchens at affordable prices that suit your exact requirements, style and budget.

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