DIY Kitchens - common design mistakes

Discover the common design mistakes that can be avoided with the right planning.

When it comes to DIY kitchens, there are some layout issues that can often arise but with forward planning, you can avoid these. Our kitchen suppliers have listed some key points for you to consider before fitting your DIY kitchen.

Common kitchen design mistakes

Kitchen lighting

It can be tempting to implement lighting just for an aesthetic sense, but this often leads to poorly lit areas in your kitchen. Our kitchen designers recommend having sufficient lighting over worktops and areas that you need to prepare, cook and clean, making it meet the functionality needs of your lifestyle.

Not enough kitchen worktop space & storage

Similarly to lighting, you can often make your DIY kitchens visually appealing but forget the need for storage and worktop space. This kitchen design mistake can leave you struggling to find a home for everything and result in a cluttered kitchen, completely hindering the stylish kitchen you are going for.

Poor planning can lead to insufficient worktop space, making it difficult to complete day to day activities such as food preparation. It is always best to have too much space than not enough!

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be boring, there are now cleverly designed kitchen storage methods that can suit the characteristics of your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a fitted pantry, deep layered drawers or pull-out cupboards, there is something to work for your storage requirements.


One of the most crucial parts of a DIY kitchen is ensuring that your measurements are taken meticulously. Poor measurements can impact the entire project and leave you with appliances and fittings that don’t match, hindering the project massively. If you are looking for a sleek, well-designed DIY kitchen then measurements need to be precise and passed on to the kitchen suppliers.

Perfect measurements can leave you with a beautifully fitted kitchen that incorporates all the space, appliances and storage that you need, without any problems cropping up. Our kitchen designers have created a kitchen measurement guide that can walk you through the best approach and how to measure your kitchen.


Choose whatever colour you would like but be sure to check the finish of the paint, as this can alter the entire look of your kitchen. You are likely to be looking for a kitchen that is durable and will be able to withstand several years of use, so you should invest in a paint that has a finish that is better than standard emulsion. You won’t need to worry about water splashes or any spills in your kitchen, a high-quality paint won’t leave you with issues to resolve shortly after completing your DIY kitchen.

Although it may be cheaper to use an alternative paint that is deemed as lower quality, you may need to use more coats and it may not hold its coverage for long. Therefore, you could be left with more upkeep that can cost more in the long run!

DIY kitchens

If you are considering a DIY kitchen, our kitchen suppliers can provide you with beautiful ranges to suit various tastes. Whether you want to try a DIY project or you are an expert in the industry, you can partner with us to get the quality kitchens that you need. For more information, please get in touch with our kitchen suppliers and we would love to help you.

Our Ranges

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