How to use our DIY kitchen planner online

Make use of our helpful online kitchen planner and design with ease.

When you are designing a new kitchen or bedroom, it can be very beneficial to have access to an online DIY kitchen and bedroom planner. Make use of our free online tool that allows you to map out your kitchen or bedroom with all your desired features added so that you can see it all come together in front of you.

In this blog, our DIY kitchen suppliers have detailed the capabilities of our online kitchen planner and how you can use it to start off your project.

Shape of room

The first step of designing your kitchen is to decide your favoured layout and how you want the room to be shaped. Choose from squared rooms, L-shaped, buttress and more, or alternatively, you can customise your kitchen layout so that it can be accurately drawn to reflect the shape of your current or new room.

Windows & Doors

Once you have established the layout of your kitchen or bedroom, you should then move on to mark out any windows and doors in the room. This helps you to plan other aspects of the room around these windows and doors, ensuring that they aren’t blocked by anything. If you are trying to achieve a bright and open aesthetic, you should attempt to have a good amount of windows in the room or the ones that are already in place should be left clear and not blocked by any furniture.

Room components

The next step of our DIY kitchen planner online is to input any of the electrics, lights, sockets, outlets and TV connections that you would like in the room. By putting these on your plan, you can easily see that you have sufficient connection points and everything that is necessary in each of your rooms. If you feel you are lacking certain components, you can amend your plans to include these and work around each component. This can contribute to avoiding costly mistakes as once the build is done you don’t want to realise something is missing or in the way!


You now have the structure of your DIY kitchen or bedroom set out and it is time to implement your furniture plans. Kitchen cupboards, breakfast bars, ovens and hob units, sinks and any other furniture items you expect to have in your DIY kitchen or bedroom. This can be extremely useful to see how everything would fit together and if you need to make any adjustments to the plan you have in mind. Looking at our DIY kitchen online planner can allow you to move things around and discover what and where things work best. Consequentially, this can stop you from purchasing kitchen furniture that won’t fit in the room or may not achieve the aesthetic you are aiming for. Save yourself the costs and avoid any unnecessary stress once your project is in full swing.

Save your plan

Once you have collated everything and moved it around, you can now see your final kitchen design that combines every aspect and is to your liking. Save and submit your design from our DIY online kitchen planner and come back to it later or submit it to our team who can get in touch to take your plan to the next stage.

Our team of DIY kitchen and bedroom suppliers can discuss your plan and how one of our ranges can work with your vision. If you would like more information, please get in touch by giving us a call or leaving us a message on our enquiry form.

Our Ranges

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