Spending your additional time at home to work on renovating your kitchen?

With many people working from home it seems that with some of the extra time not travelling to and from the office, it has given people the additional time and incentive to work on home renovation projects.

In addition, kitchen envy is a real thing! Seeing other people’s home renovation projects on social media or hearing about projects recently undertaken by colleagues and friends are pushing some of us on to make changes that have previously been put off within our own homes.

To help get you started, this January we are offering 20% off the price of your kitchen plus 1 free gift.

Your choice of one of three gift options are:

1. Clear Water Qettle Tap – with 100 C hot water or ice-cold filtered drinking water on tap, all your drinking needs can be met. Fancy another DIY project? You can either fit the Qettle tap yourself or have a plumber install it for you.

2. AEG Self Cleaning Oven – make light work of cleaning your oven with a self-cleaning mode. No scrubbing needed with this AEG self-cleaning oven, just expect a spotless oven.

3. Additional 10% off – if you don’t need any of the above, we still want to be able to give you a gift from us, so please accept an extra 10%.

See your chosen door in situ.

We appreciate that it can be difficult to visualise how things will look, so are offering a free door sample. It is really important to us that we keep you safe, so your chosen door will be disinfected, fully wrapped and delivered directly to you. Place your chosen door in your kitchen to make sure it is the perfect design for you.

Virtual appointments available.

We know how important it is for you to continue with your new kitchen plans so our design team are available to help you to design your kitchen and offer any advice that you might need.

Virtual appointments via Zoom, Teams or even FaceTime are available, and you can arrange a convenient time by contacting our kitchen and bedroom suppliers here.

Our Ranges

Bring the best of DIY kitchens in the UK into your home with a stylish kitchen design created by our award-winning team. Here at Kitchens for DIY, you can buy luxury kitchens at affordable prices that suit your exact requirements, style and budget.

Discover our range of off-the shelf kitchens below and order the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can visit our showrooms in Merry Hill or Solihull. 

Need help choosing? We are here to help you find the ideal kitchen design for your home. Give us a call or come and meet us in person at one of our kitchen showrooms in the West Midlands today.

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