Summer DIY Kitchen design ideas

You can make small adjustments to your DIY kitchen to get it summer-ready!

The Nation’s favourite season is just around the corner and our ready-to-fit kitchen suppliers have some excellent tips to get your DIY kitchen summer ready.

Add a splash of colour

Reflect the bright connotation of summer in your DIY kitchen and add some drops of colour to present a welcoming and warm room in your home. There are a number of ways that you can achieve this and prepare the place for some sunnier times such as;

• Frame colourful pictures

• Add coloured kitchen accessories

• Touch up the paint

• Display fresh fruit

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your kitchen in an attempt to show off some colour, it can be done by implementing your choice of colour into accessories such as tea, coffee and sugar pots or filling your fruit bowl on the kitchen worktop.

Topping up the colour in this space can naturally create an inviting and homely character, without making expensive changes to your DIY kitchen. When the season comes to an end and you fancy a change, it can be easy to switch it up as opposed to making significant changes that can become costly with every amendment.

Clear the kitchen worktops & islands

Further build on your desired summer aesthetic by clearing the kitchen worktops and central island so that the room appears bright and open rather than cluttered and messy. There should be plenty of storage in your DIY kitchen design ideas with everything having a place and no overfilled spaces.

A kitchen island can be the main feature of a room and often leaves guests incredibly impressed, but it won’t achieve its full potential if it is hidden by clutter.

With plenty of free DIY kitchen worktop space, it can be the perfect place to host a summer gathering with friends and family, avoiding any unnecessary stress of not having sufficient space.

Read more about how to keep a tidy kitchen and some useful top tips.

Open up the windows

Open the windows, clear them of any mess and give them a quick clean, this is the perfect way to let in as much light as possible to brighten up the kitchen. If you are in the pre-planning of your DIY kitchen designs, you should consider having enough windows in places that will get the most light and naturally illuminate the place.

See the sun beam through your windows and create a well-lit space for food preparation or socialising.

Add some summer gadgets

If you’re really in the summer mood, you could purchase some modern technology that is ideal for the hotter weather, such as ice machines or blenders. Implement these into your DIY kitchen design ideas and it’s a recipe for success and will leave a smile on everyone’s face. Treat yourself to a nice fresh smoothie or impress your guests with a contemporary ice dispenser for their beverage of choice. Nothing beats a cold refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day!

DIY Kitchens

If you would like some advice on how to get your kitchen summer ready, speak to our kitchen suppliers who would love to help. We have quality DIY kitchens at affordable prices, making them perfect for your home or for your customers if you are an expert in the industry.

If you fancy a complete new kitchen, check out our DIY kitchen range and how perfectly they can work in every setting.

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