Top 5 Modern kitchen ideas

Discover how you can create a modern aesthetic in your new DIY kitchen.

When building or designing a kitchen, it is becoming increasingly popular to go for a modern aesthetic and character, so our kitchen suppliers in the Midlands have set out some modern kitchen design ideas for you.

Breakfast bars and kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are a space of many uses, whether you use them for cooking, eating, storage or a social space for family and friends, they can be a great functional part of a kitchen.

These have been a well-liked part of kitchen designs since the 1980s and we think that they will continue to be a popular kitchen aspect, a beautiful breakfast bar or kitchen island can really enhance the desired modern appearance.

There are many shapes of kitchen island available to suit the layout of your room and can be a stand-out piece in the room. You can incorporate cabinets and other clever storage features or leave it to be an open space that radiates contemporary vibes with sleekness and style.

Built-in kitchen features

You can achieve a much sleeker look with built-in features and appliances, as opposed to having stand-alone appliances that don’t fit nicely. Built-in ovens, dishwashers and other appliances can give a modern aesthetic with the flush appearance boosting the sleek look. It can be challenging to place bulky standing items and it can seem out of place, whereas built-in ovens seem more impressive and are instantly perceived as modernised.

White means bright

Opting for white in your DIY kitchen can open the room to provide a bright and impressive appearance. White emits class and the simplicity can sometimes look best, depending on other aspects of your kitchen design. If you are wanting a clean aesthetic, white cupboards or elements can achieve this perfectly, you can then go on to add splashes of colour in other areas.

Out of sight storage

When we think of storage it connotes bulky, unattractive and the first thing you will notice, but modern-day storage isn’t like that at all. Storage has never looked so good and with clever planning, you can have tonnes of space for everything without the need for it to be on show.

Pull out pantry, deep layered drawers, wine cellars and many other unique storage ideas can be implemented in your kitchen. These innovative kitchen storage ideas are guaranteed to present a clean and contemporary feel that will impress you and your guests. Build a kitchen to suit your lifestyle and make it future proof with sufficient storage for the size of your household or building and so that everything can have a home.

DIY Kitchens

If you are looking for modern DIY kitchens, speak to our kitchen suppliers to work out which is best for you and how we can help. Our team are available to answer any of your questions and help with residential and commercial projects.

If you are an expert in an industry such as interior design, architecture, or kitchen fitter, Kitchens and Bedrooms for DIY is the perfect kitchen company in the Midlands to partner up with. Combine our quality kitchens with your expertise and you will deliver exceptional results.

Alternatively, if you fancy a DIY kitchen project, we can supply you with the best kitchen ranges for your home. If you would like some tips, take a read of our recent blog on important things to consider when fitting a kitchen.

Our Ranges

Bring the best of DIY kitchens in the UK into your home with a stylish kitchen design created by our award-winning team. Here at Kitchens for DIY, you can buy luxury kitchens at affordable prices that suit your exact requirements, style and budget.

Discover our range of off-the shelf kitchens below and order the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can visit our showrooms in Merry Hill or Solihull. 

Need help choosing? We are here to help you find the ideal kitchen design for your home. Give us a call or come and meet us in person at one of our kitchen showrooms in the West Midlands today.

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