It’s all about you. You’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge and find your dream kitchen or bedroom. Whether you’re absolutely certain of what you want down to the size, shape and colour of the cupboards, or you haven’t got a clue where to begin, you’re in safe hands.

Kitchen Units Specification

The fitted kitchen units that we supply are quite simply an amazing specification when compared to what you will find in high street and DIY chains. In fact, we can confidently say that our units would match or even exceed the quality that you would see in a high-end German kitchen showroom.

Of course, all of the quality does come at a price, one which you would be surprised to find is often cheaper than the generic flat pack you would get elsewhere. We believe in supplying excellent quality at an affordable price, rather than sticking huge margins on standard quality units.

For us, quality starts with having a quality carcass for traditional or modern kitchens. Putting high specification kitchen doors on a standard flat pack carcass is a sure-fire route to disappointing results and not something Kitchens For DIY would ever do.

Specification at a glance

  • 50mm Rear Service Void
  • Solid Top Panel
  • 18mm Back Panel
  • Rigid Construction
  • 580mm Depth
  • 18mm Adjustable Shelf
  • 18mm MFC Cabinet
  • 150mm Adjustable Plinth Legs

Our 5 Year Guarantee

Our 5 Year

Our kitchen units come with a 5 year guarantee against manufacturers defects. However, if you look after them you can expect our kitchen carcasses to easily last 20+ years.

In fact, only a fraction of a percent of our fitted kitchen units ever have a problem. We don’t offer a guarantee knowing we’ll have to replace several kitchen units and we build that cost into our prices.

We've built quality and strength in from the outset and can confidently offer a guarantee knowing that our customers are never going to have to use it.

Why are rigid units better?

There are many amazing benefits that a rigid kitchen carcass can offer and add to the quality of your kitchen. One of the main benefits of a rigid unit is that they are inherently much stronger than your typical flat pack unit. With rigid units, you can fit granite or even quartz worktops without needing to add strengthening panels between the units.

The construction method used means that the kitchen units retain their shape throughout their lifetime, whereas, the fixings and cams on a traditional flat pack can become loose over time with continued usage. This means that your doors could also go out of alignment.

Rigid units are a massive time saver when compared to flat packs. You won’t need to spend hours or even days assembling the units before you fit them into your kitchen. With our high-quality kitchen units, you can get started immediately.

All hinge plates, drawer runners, and boxes are pre-fitted which guarantees that they are prepared correctly. Your kitchen unit carcass is built for a specific purpose, unlike flat packs which are often universal and have additional holes drilled so that they can be universally mounted.

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