Free online kitchen design tool

Use our free online kitchen planner to map out your modern designs with true measurements.

Do you find it hard to envision the layout and functionality of your dream kitchen? This can be changed with the help of our free kitchen design tool that enables you to play around on screen to create a visual representation of your ideas.  

Our kitchen design tool is incredibly easy-to-use and will guide you through each step to produce an accurate kitchen plan. This step-by-step tool will allow you to try out various ideas and discover how they would work logistically.  

Why should I design a kitchen online?

Many benefits are partnered with the capability of an online kitchen planner and we recommend that you grab this opportunity with both hands!  

One of the best components of this online kitchen planner is the functionality of inputting measurements of your new kitchen. This generates a true representation of the exact kitchen you are working with, an incredibly useful feature for interior designers or experts within the industry.

You can reflect the layout of your kitchen into the online plans and use this foundation to try different designs that you have in mind. Move things around, and factor in windows, storage areas and appliances until you are completely happy with how you intend the kitchen to look and function, ensuring you are left with enough room to manoeuvre around.  

This KB4DIY online kitchen design tool has the ability to add in minor details that may go a miss or not be considered by yourself initially. For example, this software allows you to factor in plug sockets and show you where to place them within your modern kitchen design, confirming that you have enough to satisfy the various appliances around the room. Small things like this may be forgotten by yourself in the midst of a project but you can feel confident that everything is in place with the assistance of our kitchen designer.  

Avoid costly mistakes that could’ve been prevented with just a bit of preparation and careful planning. The last thing that anyone wants with a new kitchen is to discover things do not fit or live up to their prior expectations. This can all be avoided by initially setting out your ideas and being assured that certain aspects fit together whilst simultaneously achieving the aesthetic that you desire.

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If you need some support with designing a kitchen, get in touch with our team of specialists that can advise you on the best options. Using an online kitchen design tool is extremely beneficial to individuals that fancy tackling a DIY kitchen project or experts in the industry that need to present ideas to their clients. KB4DIY are here to help with whatever you need and can supply the modern kitchens that match the criteria of your drawn-up designs.  

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Bring the best of DIY kitchens in the UK into your home with a stylish kitchen design created by our award-winning team. Here at Kitchens for DIY, you can buy luxury kitchens at affordable prices that suit your exact requirements, style and budget.

Discover our range of off-the shelf kitchens below and order the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can visit our showrooms in Merry Hill or Solihull. 

Need help choosing? We are here to help you find the ideal kitchen design for your home. Give us a call or come and meet us in person at one of our kitchen showrooms in the West Midlands today.

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