How to keep a tidy kitchen in your home

Learn some simple measures that you can take to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.

The kitchen can often be a stand-out feature in your home and comes with many uses, such as friends and family congregating in there to socialise, eat and drink. Alternatively, you may love cooking which can sometimes come with a messy process and leave you scrambling for space. It can be a challenge to constantly keep on top maintaining a tidy and clutter-free room alongside our normal daily commitments.

Our kitchen suppliers in the West Midlands have detailed some simple ways to help keep a clean space.

Clear worktops

It can be tempting to fill our worktops with various household and kitchen items temporarily, but this can build up and end up staying longer than anticipated. It is important to ask yourself if you will use the various electrical appliances or gadgets and if so, do they need to be displayed at all times?

Worktops, no matter the size, that are clutter-free will appear neater and easier to keep on top of. Remove items that you won’t use and store appliances such as fryers in cupboards that can be designated for these types of things. This is an instant solution to clear your kitchen, but you may need to think about storage rearrangements or additions.

Putting items away quickly

We can all be guilty of leaving the washing up to stack up or avoid putting it away once it has dried, but this can contribute to the kitchen looking full and overcrowded. You may have run out of space and left things on the side as they don’t have a place to go but this can be solved with our help.

At Kitchens & Bedrooms For DIY, our kitchens are all made with storage in mind and will meet the demand of modern living arrangements. Whether you like to use your kitchen as the hub of socialising or like a quiet evening of cooking, our kitchens will be perfect for them all. Tackle that DIY project you’ve been keen to do and make your kitchen more storage-friendly and aesthetically pleasant.

Maximise cupboard space

A common problem with older kitchens is the lack of storage and cupboard space. This can become a nuisance when trying to clear your kitchen but there are plenty of ways to turn this into practical storage.

You can take simple measures such as adding inserts and dividers to keep cutlery and utensils organised and save space in your drawers. Through little tweaks like this, you are guaranteed to notice a difference and feel good about your kitchen.

Another way that you can sort out your storage is to redesign your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. Our kitchen designers in Dudley can work with you to make storage stylish and fit nicely without looking overcrowded. Combine space with style and have a place for everything to go. You can add modern storage features such as a pull-out pantry or layered cupboards to expand the space you have. If you would like to redesign your kitchen and need some help, get in touch with our DIY kitchen suppliers in the West Midlands.

How can our kitchen designers help?

Whether you are an expert in the industry or someone who likes to complete a room renovation, our DIY fitted kitchens are made of quality products that you will be impressed by. To find out more, please get in touch by calling 01384 262525, completing our contact form or visit our kitchen showroom in the midlands.

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